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“Identity are the most genuine and amazing company that will help and support anyone.” - Danny Clayton, Independent Artist

"When Identity Music first messaged me on Instagram I was very sceptical about what they could offer, as everyone knows Instagram for a musician can be very shady and dangerous, full of scams and people who just want money!

Identity on the other hand is the most genuine and amazing company that will help and support anyone willing to make music and create content. Their website is so helpful and full of really detailed Information that a first-time artist needs to hear and read. The service they offer is impeccable, I felt like I had my own manager and mentor, Alex Thomas.

We had Google calls, we messaged a lot and he checked up on me just to check my well-being during this horrendous pandemic the world is going through when I was quiet and not saying much. His support was amazing and any questions and queries I had were answered straight away from him and the team on Instagram. My first release has been a complete success and I encourage anyone and I mean anyone to work with them. I’ve been so lucky and privileged to have them come to me with nothing and want to help me, so if you’re looking to get your music out there you now know where to go!"

"Identity Music has been a great help with our music this year, it's so important to have a team you can count on and it has been appreciated with the growth of our label.
Distribution, customer service and support on our releases has been great, and we're excited about this coming year and projects !"

Retro Jungle client testimonial
Retro Jungle Records
Independent Label
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“Getting started was so simple and moving my catalogue over was no hassle. The online portal is easy to use and the detailed monthly reports are really useful! If I encounter any issues, my account manager is always there to help. The digital rights services and editorial playlisting services make it service no other provider can rival.”

Krosia client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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“Identity music has done more for me than all my previous distributors combined!
I always know that I can reach out to them and get a response if I have any questions about my release! I have nothing but good things to say about them and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

yung van client testimonial
yung van
Independent Artist-
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“Identity Music are a really great option for distributing music.
It's a refreshing change to other distributors, where you don't really get to speak to people, and makes the whole process a lot less stressful.
The service is extremely personalised and I feel a real sense of care in the work Identity Music do.”

RAVI client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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“My experience with Identity has been great! The team at Identity is quick to answer whatever issue I may come across and everything is being sorted out in a transparent and timely manner. I would definitely recommend you to other artists, whether they are at the beginning of their journey or already established artists.”

Neolux client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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“There are not simply enough words to describe how GREAT Identity Music is. Identity is wholeheartedly invested in your musical career dreams & aspirations!
I have been creating music for over a decade. I have used CD Baby, Tunecore, Distrokid, etc. NOTHING OUT THERE COMPARES TO IDENTITY MUSIC.

BESTOR client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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“It’s very notable what a positive difference it makes to work with Alex and the team. Working with Identity has truly been a collaborative experience, and as a creative, I feel like that type of relationship is ideal across the board. These guys understand musicians, and I have full faith that they will be taking their platform to the top levels of this industry.”

Tim North client testimonial
Tim North
Independent Artist-
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“Working with you is a pleasure - everything is nice, quick, and easy. The live chat support is always there to help me so I’m never stressed that I’m going to mess up my release. Having you as my account manager is a blessing for me! You’re always helpful, kind and friendly - I can see that you really care about us - the artists and want to help us!

Independent Artist-
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“I’d say the best part about working with Identity Music is that they’ve made being an independent artist a lot easier.
They’ll handle tasks like music pitching, which has landed in a few editorials, planning, fanlinks and more. This allows me to better focus on doing what I do best as an artist...

demxntia client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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“Building connections with Identity has given me the opportunity to grow not only as a business but as an individual.

Identity Music provides an outstanding service to myself and my colleagues. Thank you for existing.”

nightcore chase client testimonial
Nightcore Chase
Independent Artist-
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I was with a mass Distributor before Identity, and lord the contrast. I have an engaged, talented team over here who are supportive of me being an artist who doesn’t have to stick to one box. I shared a small percentage of music and got a team back I can lean on. ”

roshin client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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Identity has provided me with the best service, opportunities and support I could ever ask for.

They have really helped my brand to grow and it’s always a pleasure to work together.”

chino client testimonial
Independent Artist-
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