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Identity Music
gives artists and labels the
tools for success.


Here at Identity Music, we provide Music Distribution services to over 40 platforms, Rights Management Tools and Music Promotion services. We continuously network and outreach to ensure we will always have the connections that you need to make your music career a success. Our comprehensive list of digital service providers is always expanding to keep up with all the latest trends and opportunities. We believe that you should be given the best start, with access to all the best opportunities.


We set all of our clients up with direct access to our industry leading software. Using this, you can view all of your assets, payees for each track, uphold communication with your personal manager and track your music distribution success. With the integrated analytics systems, you are able to view all of your statistics in one place. This allows you to use daily, monthly and quarterly data to gain and insight into your audience, understand who is streaming your music, and track terrority trends.

Account Managers

We provide you with a personal account manager for all of your needs here at Identity Music. Your account manager will work with you to handle all of your assets. You will be able to contact your account manager with any of your support needs from setting up your account with us to adapting your assets throughout your music career. You are the expert in creating music, we are the expert in getting your music heard!


Here at Identity Music, we believe you should have a specialist working with you to ensure you have the best possible opportunity to grow. Unlike our competitors, we want to work alongside you at every stage of your career to ensure you never stop flourishing. We have live chat systems, helpful resource blogs and newsletters that you will receive monthly with the latest industry news to keep you in the know.