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Identity Music
gives artists and labels the
tools for success.


We believe that every artist should be given the best start and access to all of the best opportunities across the globe. We are continuously building upon our network and developing our partnerships to expand opportunities and maximise the potential for success for every artist and label we work with.


Our industry leading software enables our clients to manage their assets, payees and track their distribution in one place. With our advanced analytics reporting feature you can track all the important data in one place to gain insight into your audience and your streaming and revenue trends.

Account Managers

We provide you with a personal account manager who can assist you with all of your distribution needs. You will have regular contact and direct access meaning you can contact your account manager to provide advice, support and help you meet the changing demands of the industry.


Unlike other distributors, we want to work alongside you, nurture you and help you grow throughout every stage of your career. We don’t want you to ever stop flourishing. We have live chat systems, personal account managers and blogs full of the latest industry news to keep you in the know.

“People have great talent and great taste, now, they need great options” - Daniel Warren, Managing Director

Identity Music was created in 2019 with one goal: To bring a client-focused music distribution service to the table. The music industry is saturated with large distributors that place customer service on the back-burner. Here at Identity our clients are our top priority.

That’s why Identity was founded on an innovative model that excludes charging excessive and unnecessary fees for distribution and promotion. We focus on bringing a personalised music distribution service that is built around our client needs, not our own.

We believe that the best way to sell music online is through a team, and a company, that works alongside you.

We are extremely passionate about helping people and proud of our efficient client support system and team. We have a dedicated front of house support team who are available to support artists and labels with any needs.

You can read about who they are below!

Alex Thomas

A&R Manager

With Alex's expertise in Digital Rights Management and the music industry, he is perfectly poised to lead our A&R team and help independent artists turn their passion into profit. Given that he’s a bit of a chatter-box, it’s no surprise that he spends the majority of his day getting to know clients and chatting their ear off. Alex is a strong advocate of Identity Music’s customer focus and takes time to get to know our clients individually so that he can provide the best support. He says his favourite part of working for Identity Music is getting to know the stories behind an artist and their music.

Jess Hannam

A&R Assistant

Jess joined the A&R team in September 2020 after working in music promotion in London. With her vast experience of supporting artists and growing their music careers, Jess is an integral part of our artist team. She is part of the day to day artist team that manages our portfolio of music distribution clients and works closely with them to make the most out of their music. Jess has a passion for music and is always on the lookout for something new! In her down-time, you’ll find her at gigs and festivals or scrolling through her neverending Instagram feed.

Alex Knight

A&R Assistant

As a musician himself, Alex knows exactly what our clients are looking for and what they need to start growing, making him an expert on consulting our clients and establishing the right music distribution. Alex joined the A&R team in June 2020, and is part of the day to day artists team who work closely with all our distribution clients. What he loves about working at Identity Music is that we have a friendly and close-knit team, making helping clients so much easier. When he’s not in the office, Alex will most likely be listening to music or making music, or stuck in a YouTube spiral.

Jon Blake

Social Media and Marketing

Jon joined the team in June 2020 after five years specialising in public relations and digital communications. His favourite part about working at Identity Music is that they truly value and look out for their clients, which he feels is hard to come by in our competitive industry. Typically, Jon spends most of his day on google analytics and working on the website or writing blogs, networking and protecting his lunch from Simba! He specialises in social media, public relations and search engine optimisation and loves sharing helpful advice through the company blog.

Kirsten Bennett

Business Development Manager

Kirsten has been with Identity Music since the very beginning, keeping the wheels turning and the team on track! As an expert in client management, problem solving, operational planning and employee relations, Kirsten is the all-rounder that supports every department here. Her favorite things about working for Identity Music is that she "Can support both artists and staff to grow alongside a business that is actively changing the music industry forever". Feel free to connect with Kirsten via Linkedin.

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Sam Johnson

Social Media and Marketing

Sam joined the Identity Music team in May 2020, after working in design and illustration for more than five years. He proudly says that his motivation for moving into the music industry was that despite having zero musician talent himself, he has an ear and appreciation for others' work! Sam enjoys helping our clients through social media and loves sinking his teeth into a design and branding based project. Our clients have come to know and love Sam through his many humorous memes on our social media channels.

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Keiran Johnson

Operations Manager

With almost 10 years experience working within the YouTube network, Kieran has developed a wide scope of distribution and copyright knowledge. With his love of data Keiran is the perfect person to head up the Operations team and enjoys troubleshooting, researching and resolving any challenges that come his way. If you are distributing your music, managing your rights or monetising your music, you'll find Keiran and his team working behind the scenes to ensure releasing your music goes seamlessly.

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Laura Griffin

Operations Assistant

Laura joined the operations team at Identity Music in June 2020. With a passion for music, Laura soon realised that her talents lie in guiding and nurturing musicians into perfecting their craft. Within the operations team Laura works to handle all the technical aspects of distributing your music, ensuring that your music travels the world smoothly. Laura's favourite thing about working within the operations department at Identity Music is "listening to your tracks and seeing artists build and progress through our services".

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Daniel Warren

Managing Director

Daniel was inspired to bring an innovative solution to the music industry when he witnessed a lack of independent artist and label support. Now, Identity Music is creating a new vision for music distribution, a vision that does not include excessive fees for artists and allow artists to keep the rights to their own music. Changing the music industry for years to come to ensure fair and accessible music exposure for independent artists and labels everywhere. Daniel is known in the office for his love of motorsport. He is always on the lookout for classic sport cars and can often be found at Brands Hatch Racing Track.

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Puppy Relations Manager and All-Round Good Boy

The most important member of the Identity Music team by far is Simba! He tells us that he is a hard-working employee, but he's often found napping on the job. Simba's responsibilities include team motivation and tripping Kirsten over. He has also taken it upon himself to start confiscating staff lunches! When he's not at work, Simba can be found still tripping Kirsten over, plotting who's lunch to take next and chasing cats.You will often see Simba featured on Identity Music's social media channels offering independent musicians some barking good advice.

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