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Digital Music Distribution

We are constantly looking out for new music platforms to partner up with. Your music should be uploaded where your fans are!

When you distribute with Identity, you keep full control of your music! You choose the platforms and how long it stays live!

Distribution services
Digital Music Distribution is a powerful and simple service we provide to get your music out into the world for your fans to hear.

Identity Music focuses on providing quality music distribution services. We use the most innovative technology to make your life easier, allowing you to understand your audience and collect royalties for your work. Now you can focus on being creative and making the magic happen.

Worldwide Distribution

Get your music online and make it go global, with more than 40 of the top streaming platforms at your fingertips. Using our services, you can entice new audiences to discover you wherever they stream their music.

Check out a full list of the platforms we currently distribute to and a list of our upcoming partners here: Digital Music Distributors.

Industry Leading Technology

Identity Music provides all it’s clients with a powerful dashboard to manage, release and monitor their music. Using this portal, you can view detailed analytics which breakdown where your music is being listened to, which platforms and how the audience found you. As well as use advanced revenue reporting to see how much you are making and where that revenue is coming from.

Tailored Service

Do you need to pay royalties to multiple payees? Have a large portfolio of assets? Or, just want a custom service that’s tailored to your individual needs? We take the time to understand the individual needs of all our music distribution clients and continuously tailor our service to suit.

Personalised Support

Everybody needs a little help every now and again. Our support team is always on hand to assist you via live chat, email or phone. No question is too big, or too small! The team at Identity Music are here to make your distribution as seamless as possible.

Copyright Protection

Take control of your sound. Make sure people don't take credit for or monetise your content without your consent. Decide how you would like reuploaded content to be dealt with on multiple platforms. Learn more about our rights management service here.

Record Label Tools

Our client portal is host to a full suite of tools, allowing complete management of your artists and assets. Take advantage of full analytics, comprehensive revenue reporting, music distribution and rights management services that are available to you and your clients.


Our Process


You create your music how you like it! Your music, your style, your flow, your way! Whatever it is, we want to hear it!


So many Digital Service Providers to choose from. Upload your music using our digital distribution service, and select as many providers as suits you!


Our music promotion team ensures the best results. We work around the clock to provide you a world class service and ensure the best progression.


Simply add your payment method and get paid for creating music you love and sharing it globally! Royalties are a go!

True Worldwide Music Distribution

Reaching a broader audience in many different regions is key to building your career in the music industry. So why limit yourself to just a few select platforms in which your audience can listen to your amazing music? Identity Music provides a full suite of Music Distribution Platforms, so that you can maximise your potential reach worldwide.

Complete Flexibility

You decide where you want your music to go. If you decide that you would only like to upload your music to spotify, or another individual platform, that’s not a problem! Your music is completely yours and you have the power to control exactly when and where your music releases.

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