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Without Digital Rights Protection, uploading your music online puts it at risk!

Making amazing music takes talent, but making music is only the start.

Many musicians know that distributing their releases to a wide range of music platforms and getting featured on popular playlists helps to grow their music on a global scale. What many artists are not aware of is that protecting their music as it travels the world is equally as important, helping you to retain fans, grow your audience and earn from your music.

Here at Identity Music, we believe it is important to inform every artist and label that all music is at risk of being copied on digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube & YouTube Music, SoundCloud and Amazon Music, without your consent. The good news is, Identity Music offers Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Protection free of charge to protect all of our client's releases.

Where Can You Protect Your Music?

YouTube/ YouTube Music Digital Rights Management

You can safeguard your YouTube & YouTube Music releases with Content ID, giving you the option to ‘Monetise’ or ‘Track’ any content match that may arise relating to your release. This applies across the entire YouTube platform, allowing you to earn money whenever another person is generating earnings from copies of your track.

Facebook/ Instagram Digital Rights Management

Any time you release a new single or album to either Facebook or Instagram using Identity Music, you are able to secure the release with Facebook Rights Manager, completely free of charge. This will enable you to choose to ‘Monetise’, ‘Block’ or ‘Claim’ any content matches of your track(s) within our innovative dashboard, keeping your music yours.

SoundCloud Digital Rights Management

Identity Music will always protect every track you distribute to SoundCloud with no charges. We carefully monitor SoundCloud for any content matches, automatically blocking any discovered match across the entire platform. We will ensure that your music is always protected and that you retain the rights to your creations.

Identity Music are always here to help!
We offer FREE Digital Rights Management to all of our music distribution clients.

Why Use Identity Music?


With our vast experience in Rights Management and established relationships with respected music industry organisations, we make protecting your music easier than ever! If your track is ever copied and a dispute arises, our team of experts can help you resolve your conflict in the most effective way.


We help independent artists and labels all over the world to manage their digital presence and protect their content with confidence. With Identity Music on your team, all the hard work is covered and you have a respected authority and knowledgeable team representing you and your music.


Our Digital Rights Management service is extremely flexible. We provide this at no charge to our distribution clients and it is completely optional, giving you the ultimate control. Whenever a conflict arises, you always call the shots and we will execute your choice to keep your content safe.


Our Operations team are here to support you with the protection of your music. Our experts can track if your music is ever copied and make you aware of asset overlaps. We work with you to develop a conflict resolution to keep your music yours. If required, we can help you set up a whitelist for your release.

Preserve Your Identity, Protect Your Music.

How To Copyright Your Music?


Create your unique content that you want to share with the world! Upload your music to our distribution dashboard and select which platforms you want to protect your music on!


Choose which policy you would like to enact if your music is ever copied. This can be 'Track', 'Monetise', 'Block' or 'Claim' depending on the rules of the music platform.


We will distribute your release with a unique fingerprint, allowing it to be tracked as it travels the world. We will be alerted if there are any content matches to your track.


Now the hard work is done, put your feet up and watch your royalties roll in. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your content is protected and your identity is preserved.

Why Is It Important For Me To Safeguard My Release?

Retain Credit

Unfortunately, plagiarised uses of content are very common in the digital world. As an artist the credit for the creation of your release is important. If you don't protect your music, you are allowing someone else to steal the credit and you can look like you are a fraud.

Increase Earnings

Whenever your music is stolen and released someone else is making money on each and every stream, download or purchase of your work. Here at Identity Music, we know you’ve worked hard for that money and want to see you compensated for your work.

Maintain Authenticity

Your most loyal fans recognise you and your music style, but the audience you are yet to discover won’t! With every single fraudulent copy of your track out in the world, your unique style and authenticity is called into question and this can hinder your growth and future success.

We're always ready to protect your rights.

Identity Music are here to represent songwriters, publishers and composers. Our rights management team makes tackling piracy and fighting to keep your music yours their top priority, ensuring you are credited for your creations.

Audio Assets

At Identity Music, we use innovative software to track your sound. We believe that as an artist your sound is your personality, your existence and your identity. That is why we fight to keep your sound yours. We protect your music from unauthorised use by assigning it with a unique fingerprint. We are alerted if your track is ever copied and can enact your chosen action to put a stop to copyright infringements.

Audio-Visual Assets

Identity Music are not only able to protect your sound. We can protect your brand too. When you generate albums and tracks, the imagery becomes the music’s identification. We offer protection services for all your digital content, covering artwork, video, imagery and so much more. It is vital that you have comprehensive protection over all content in the public domain. We supply full protection across multiple platforms and every country to ensure your content is safe.

Man mastering rights fingerprint into tracks

What Is The Artist's Responsibility?

What If I Notice Copies Of My Track On Other Music Platforms?

If you notice that someone has copied your release on another platform that does not currently offer Digital Rights Management Services (Content ID or Facebook Rights Management) please do not worry. Identity Music are still able to assist you with this. Please make your account manager aware that you have found a fraudulent copy of your music and the platform that you have found it on. Your account manager will be able to send you a form to complete that makes the music platforms aware of the fraudulent release for them to review.

Licensing and Consent

Identity Music does not condone any unauthorised content use. We do our best to vet all artists and labels we work with and ensure that we only approve upstanding artists who retain the rights to distribute their music. We actively support making the music industry a fairer industry for all!

Please ensure that you own all of the rights for any releases you wish to distribute with us.

Owning the rights to your music can mean that you have created the original release from scratch or that you own the correct licenses that allow you to distribute it on music platforms. If you support proper use of content and own the rights to your music, we can help you share and protect it.

Manual Claims

When you distribute a new track with Identity Music with the protection of our digital rights, your track is added to a database for all future releases to be checked against. This means for a short while our system will only be checking new releases against your track.

Identity Music receives legacy scans every 6 months to check backdated releases against your new track.

However, this doesn't mean you have to wait 6 months for a fraudulent copy that you find! If you notice a copied version of your release that you have not authorised, please do make your account manager aware. We are able to submit a manual claim on your behalf to get the copy removed.

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