Record Label Services & Music Distribution

We help record labels bring their music to the market, build their audience, and reach new heights.

Using our music distribution service, independent record labels can grow their artists across the biggest global music platforms!

Here at Identity Music, we are passionate about helping record labels. We provide services and music distribution for independent labels to reduce their stress and increase their global reach.

Our customer service and innovative music technology has gained us a reputation as one of the most efficient record label distribution providers in the world. Using our tools and industry knowledge, we take the hassle away from your music distribution and allow you to focus on being creative and guiding your artists to a brighter future.

By working with us, labels can take full advantage of a strategic partnership without breaking the bank. Whilst many other music distributors charge fees for tracks, albums and annual subscriptions, we have none of that! We offer an exclusive tailored service to a selection of quality independent labels for just a small royalties share.

Industry Leading Features

Global Distribution

We have established partnerships with the biggest digital music platforms in the world. When you choose to distribute your labels music through us, you will have them all at the tip of your fingers.

No Limitations

Unlimited artists, unlimited releases, unlimited potential. We want to help your record label succeed. Identity Music has no restrictions to limit your earning potential or services to your artists.

Enhanced Playlist Pitching

Get your music on the biggest playlists in the world with our promotion support. Using our connections and influencers, we can push your artists music to increase their chances of playlist success.

Rapid Vevo Channel Creation

We can generate a Vevo Channel for you, hassle-free, giving your artists access to a premium platform for their high quality music videos, enhancing their exposure and earning potential.

Detailed Analytics Reports

Our advanced reporting system allows you to keep track of all your artists. You can see how and where your artist's growth is (platforms & location) as well as visualising your label’s revenue.

Communication and Support

You will be assigned an account manager for all of your distribution needs. This ensures your time is not wasted and allows you to focus on being the best label for your artists.

Our Additional Services

Artist Account Verification

Getting verified is an important way to show authenticity and credibility. Verifications account we can apply for on your behalf completely free of charge:
- YouTube Official Artist Channels (OAC)
- Instagram (That Famous Blue Tick)
- Facebook
- Spotify
- SoundCloud

Transfer Your Music

For most labels it is more effective and efficient to keep all of your artists music under one distributor. Identity Music are able assure a seamless transition of all your previously distributed tracks over to us without the loss of your artist's streams or data. This service is completely free of charge to help you, as a label, stay in control of all of your artist's releases.

Digital Rights Management

Identity Music assign all releases distributed with us a digital fingerprint to allow us to track your release as it travels the world. Anytime a release is copied we are notified. You and your artists can then choose whether to take down the copied release, track it or monitise it (when it is generating money). We feel so strongly that all artists music should remain theirs that we offer this service completely free to all of our clients.

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What Our Clients Love About Us

We are Invested In Your Label's Success

Your success is our top priority from day one. We work closely with our labels and use a royalty share basis meaning that we only earn if you do. We are always expanding our network and building new partnerships to offer our labels and artists the best opportunities.

No More Long Wait Times

At Identity Music, no question is too big or too small. All of our record label distribution clients have an array of options to get quick support from our team from direct access to an account manager, support live chat, phoneline or social media.

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Our Application Process


You work with your artists to create the music that will expand their reach across the globe.


Apply to our exclusive music distribution service to release your artist's tracks and save you time and money.


We complete a free music review on your music assets, current audience and potential with Identity Music.


You can get your music out to more than 60 platforms to build your audience and pull in the big bucks.

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