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Making amazing music takes talent! Let us help your talent be heard by the audience it deserves!

By using our team of experts and network of contacts, we can push your music forward to reach new heights!

Music Promotion Support
Making amazing music takes talent. But making music is only one part of the process. To fall in love with your music, your target audience needs to discover it!

That’s where Identity Music’s promotional support service comes in. Our Music Promotion team knows all the ins and outs of music marketing. As a leading Music Distribution agency, we understand the importance of connecting with the right target audience.

As part of our service, you will be able to take advantage of free music promotion support. There are no charges for marketing support as the opportunity for promotion is part of our distribution package. We want to see your music go global. The support we provide will help you to connect with your fanbase, attract new fans and create the best image across your media platforms.

Grow your fanbase on an International scale

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Playlist Promotion

We can submit your hot new single to Spotify and our network of user generated playlists for consideration. We can even pitch your track for editorial playlists if you would like! If you get your music on these playlists, you can see great spikes in streams and new fans.

Pre-Saves and Fan Links

We offer free pre-saves and fan-links as part of our music promotion too! You can use these to share your music far and wide and build a buzz around your new music before it releases! These are perfect for social media bios!

Blog Advice

We regularly share blog posts and artist advice articles that will help you build the best marketing strategy. Our experts use blogging as a platform to share their insights on tactics, opportunities and campaigns. By following our free advice you can develop into an expert marketer capable of creating content plans targeting your key audience demographics.

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