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Making amazing music takes talent! Let us help your talent be heard by the audience it deserves.

Using our team of experts and network of contacts, your music can reach new audiences and heights!

Music Content Promotion
Making amazing music takes talent. But making music is only part of the process. Listeners still need to discover the music, to fall in love with it.

That’s where Identity Music comes in. Our Music Promotion team knows all the ins and outs of music marketing and will craft a plan that’s sure to make you a hit! Our experts will work with you to create a personalised marketing plan that stays true to your image.

We can help get your music heard.

We're motivated by the desire to achieve.

Popular playlists

Our playlist placements are a great way to open up a new following. We have a catalogue of playlists that are designed for key audiences. Using our catalogue of popular playlists, you can get your music sent directly to the ears of potential fans, and create a new long term follower base.


We can grant usage of your music to some of the top influencers across social media, who have a wide audience to promote your music to. This is a great way to grow your presence online and get more listeners.

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We want to help you reach your full potential.