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Get Your Music On Apple Music

Sell your music on iTunes and Apple Music and increase your revenue and audience!
Music Distribution Partner Apple Music.

Why Upload Your Music To Apple Music and iTunes?

Apple Music is one the worlds most popular online streaming platforms. With Identity Music, you can get your next release on this streaming platform giving you access to 72 million users across the globe, without upfront fees.

iTunes is the largest digital music retailer in the US. With offline listening your fans have access to over 70 millions songs at the tips of their fingers. Why would you want to miss out on releasing your music to this ever-growing platform?

You can sell your music on iTunes to generate sales revenue whilst also earning streaming royalties when your track is played on Apple Music. If you don’t make your songs available for download in the iTunes store or stream on Apple Music, you are missing out on a huge level of reach.

We Help You Make The Most Of Apple Music!

Apple Music & iTunes Pre-Saves

We will provide you with an Apple Music and iTunes Pre-Save Smartlink, completely free of charge! These are perfect for sharing your music and adding to your social media bios.

Insights and Analytics

Our dashboard allows you to break down the details of your fan-base to allow you to extend your listeners. You can view breakdowns based on Releases, Territories and Channels.

Editorial Playlist Pitching Support

Part of Identity Music Promotional Support service is the opportunity to get your releases pitched for editorial playlists. This is completely free of charge for our distribution clients.

What Our Clients Love About Us!

Dedicated Personal Support!

We pride ourselves on the support we give. From the start of your distribution you will be assigned a personal account manager who can assist you with all of your needs. Our dedicated support team are also on hand to help you with any queries via live chat, email, phone or social media. No question is too big or too small!

No Upfront Fees! No Limitations!

When you distribute to Apple using Identity Music, you get a distributor who is invested in you. Our services are available with no upfront fees and no hidden costs. We work with our artists on a royalty scheme meaning that the first person to earn from their music will always be you.

How To Upload Your Music To Apple


Your music, your style, the way you like it! You’re in control! Whatever it is, we want to hear it!


Apply to join our exclusive music distribution services to release your tracks on Apple Music and more!


We complete a free music review on your music assets, current audience and potential with Identity Music.


You can get your music out to Apple Music, iTunes and more than 60 other music platforms!

What Do I Need To Know About Releasing On Apple Music?

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On iTunes?
When you distribute your music through Identity Music, you won’t have to pay any upfront fees for uploading your music to iTunes and Apple Music. We do not charge upfront or annual fees and you can upload as many tracks or albums as you like. We are invested in our artists through a fair royalty share scheme.
How Long Does It Take To Upload My Music?
We know the sooner your music is on Apple Music and iTunes, the sooner your fans can find it! We have industry leading review times, taking just three working days to review and upload your music to Apple Music. From there, Apple will release your music in accordance with your specified release date.
When Will I Get Paid?
Identity Music will account to and pay you on a monthly basis, Within 45 days of the end of each calendar month. Identity Music makes all payments to you in the currency and to the bank account provided by you. Example: If you earn $90 in royalties by 31st January, you will receive the payment of $90 16th March.
How Do I Promote My Music On Apple Music?
Apple Music is a great platform to get your music in editorial playlists, and widen your fan reach. You can request for your account manager to pitch your upcoming release for editorial playlists. This service is completely free of charge and is only available to our distribution clients.

Get Your Music On iTunes!