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Operations Assistant


Location: Lamberhurst, Kent, UK

We are looking for a knowledgeable, driven and charismatic Operations Assistant who is towards the start of their career and looking to grow as a central part of our tight-knit start-up team.

We are looking for an Operations Assistant who will be responsible for the digital distribution of releases across all of our labels/artists and ensuring products go live on various DSPs (Digital Service Providers) including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Beatport, Deezer etc .

Operations Assistant Responsibilities:
Compiling metadata and assets for releases.
Uploading releases to different delivery platforms (Audio & Video)
Updating & managing release schedule
Liaising with DSPs (e.g. Spotify) regarding ad-hoc admin tasks, such as correcting artist profiles
Liaising with artists and labels regarding assets, release dates, sending advance links etc
Compiling client data for releases
Generating and delivering client contracts.
Auditing releases for distribution.
Processing Revenue Reports
Resolving Copyright Infringement Claims

Placement - A&R Scout


Location: Lamberhurst, Kent, UK

Our programs provide ambitious students and graduates with their first taste of the music industry and helps them gain invaluable experience and insight into what Managers, Labels, Distributors and A&R look for in artists.

This placement will pave the way to a thriving career in the competitive music industry. The select students will gain practical, hands-on experience working on meaningful industry projects with guidance from an experienced mentor

A&R Scout Responsibilities:
Source and identify talented artists and labels.
Discover new artists through internal and external A&R data tools, websites, streaming services and develop new ways to evaluate unsigned talent.
Put together weekly reports and attend the A&R meetings to brief the team on artists of interest.
Manage and keep up to date our internal databases and sales CRM with key artist and deal information.
Attend meetings, gigs, showcases, conferences and events with your mentor to represent Identity Music.
Feedback and contribute to the general development of the A&R.
Demo submissions, asset and file management, club and promotional asset management.
Effectively Marketing release to music platforms.